A Pretty Safe Bet

by Gerard P. Keenan

It seems after every disaster, whether natural, man-made, or accidental, the spin-doctors come out of the gate with statements ruling out terrorism. That terrorism was not the cause in the majority of cases is true – but this has not been true in all of them.

The thinking behind these statements is understandable and well-intentioned – no one wants mass panic. Yet I find them darkly humorous; like the statement made shortly following the recent disaster at the BP refinery in Texas.

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“Civil Rights” Groups and the Geneva Convention

By Gerard P. Keenan

Groups like the ACLU, Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International, Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and others of that ilk only seem concerned about the Geneva Conventions when it suits their own left-wing, anti-American agendas.

Whenever claims of abuse are leveled at the US or it allies – whether evidence is produced or not; or even exists at all – these apologists for terrorism immediately turn to the Geneva Conventions. Yet they conveniently ignore annoying little details – like the fact that the Conventions were written with the expectation that future conflicts, like past conflicts, would be fought between nation-states. This implies combat between armies, navies and air forces. It was expected that the belligerents would have traditional military rank structures and chains of command. And, of course, it also means there would be uniforms, officers, and enlisted men – as well as civilians and non-combatants.

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Identity Theft is a Threat to National Security

By Gerard P. Keenan

In the 1960s the Department of Defense decided to replace service numbers with Social Security Numbers (SSNs). After all, why issue each service member a new identification number when they already had one before entering the service?

However, 35 years ago no one foresaw the technology that would be available to just about everyone in the world today; just as no one could have foreseen the SSN becoming a de facto national ID number.

Every investigator knows that every individual’s SSN is directly linked to at least one other; a family member, business partner, etc. through mortgages, bank accounts, investments, property deeds, tax records, driver’s licenses, insurance, and the list goes on.

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Military ID Theft – A Pentagon Problem That Needs to be Corrected

By Gerard P. Keenan

A good portion of military ID theft is actually facilitated by the Department of Defense itself. Unlike most civilian ID thefts, though, these could have a serious impact on national security.

In the 1960s the Pentagon decided it would be more cost-effective to replace service numbers with the individual’s Social Security Number (SSN). By 1969 the Army and Air Force had made the switch, and by 1973 the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard had completed their transition.

The Pentagon thus became the first organization to use the SSN as an official personnel identifier. In the decades since, the SSN has evolved into a national ID system. Although not an “official” one, it serves the same purpose.

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Separation of Church and State?

By Gerard P. Keenan

Representative John Conyers (D-MI) doesn’t seem to believe in it.

He is the sponsor of House Resolution (HR) 288 condemning religious bigotry. It contains four points – and Islam is mentioned specifically in each of them. I find it very odd, and offensive, that no other religion is mentioned for protection.

Muslims desecrate the Christian bible on a daily basis, as well as other symbols of Christianity and other religions. Where are Conyers’ protestations and Resolutions about that?

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The Geneva What?

By Gerard P. Keenan

It seems the only time the Geneva Conventions are mentioned by civil rights groups like the ACLU, Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International, Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and others from that mold is when it suits their purposes.

These apologists for terrorism have selective amnesia where both the spirit and the letter of the Conventions are concerned. Whenever claims of abuse, real or perceived, are leveled against the US or its allies, whether evidence is produced or not – or even exists – these organizations immediately start spouting their interpretations of the Conventions according to their own agendas. Yet they are conspicuously silent when it comes to the brutal, barbaric atrocities committed by those whose sole purpose is to destroy our way of life; and along with it those of us who refuse to bow, convert, or be enslaved by a fascist ideology that these rights groups openly support.

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The Right Tool for the Job – The Right Person for the Job

By Gerard P. Keenan

National security is a great concern for most Americans; especially with so many unqualified people appointed or nominated to critical, sensitive positions. The FEMA debacle following Hurricane Katrina immediately leaps to mind. But the one aspect of this that seems to pervade the entire Bush Administration is the seeming inability to place the most qualified people in the right positions. The appointment of Michael Brown as head of FEMA, a man with little, if any, disaster experience, was practically a guarantee of chaos when a major disaster struck; natural or man-made.

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USS Intrepid as a Floating Command Post

By Gerard P. Keenan

Congress plans to spend $31 million in FY2005 just to lay the groundwork to turn the USS Intrepid into a permanent counter terrorism command post. This was made public in the Congress Daily PM on 09 December 2004. Now terrorists have a new stationary target that, if hit, will severely cripple counter terrorism efforts in the whole Metropolitan area.

Sitting at the pier the Intrepid is vulnerable to at least three separate methods of attack.

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Why Do We Treat Terrorists Like Criminals?

By Gerard P. Keenan

Terrorists are not criminals; so why do we continue treating them as if they are?

Our laws and justice system are designed to fight crime. From the petty criminal to organized crime bosses, they know what to expect if they are caught and brought to trial. Most of them accept this as a cost of doing business.

Terrorists are also familiar with western laws and criminal justice systems, and they know how to use them to their advantage.

In most western countries there is no death penalty. A terrorist may get life, but he knows he will probably be out in a few years on appeal, good conduct, or some other phoney reason.

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