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Gerard P. Keenan

National security is a great concern for most Americans; especially with so many unqualified people appointed or nominated to critical, sensitive positions. The FEMA debacle following Hurricane Katrina immediately leaps to mind. But the one aspect of this that seems to pervade the entire Bush Administration is the seeming inability to place the most qualified people in the right positions.

The appointment of Michael Brown as head of FEMA, a man with little, if any, disaster experience, was practically a guarantee of chaos when a major disaster struck; natural or man-made.

But he is not unique. The nomination of Ms. Miers to the Supreme Court also raised concerns. While there are precedents where Justices have been appointed with no judicial background, it is a different world today than it was 40, or even 20years ago. Appointees to the Supreme Court should be required to have a minimum number of years on the bench, preferably a federal bench, before they even qualify for nomination.

I may be mistaken, but I always believed the primary function of this Court was to rule on matters of Constitutional Law – not the practice of corporate law; which seems to be the only qualification Ms. Miers possessed. I could never take any ruling on Constitutional Law, made by a corporate lawyer with no judiciary experience, very seriously at all. I doubt anyone could.

Yet this does not concern me as much as inexperienced people in positions which can seriously jeopardize our national security.

On 10 August, 2005 the Washington Post reported that FBI Director Robert Mueller had selected Gary Bald to head the FBI’s new spy agency – the National Security Service (NSS) (officially; the Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch, pending final approval of the new organizational structure).

Mr. Bald has virtually no knowledge or experience with terrorism, and even less with Islam and Middle East. When the Post asked if he had much knowledge of Middle East culture and history, he replied, “I wish that I had it. It would be nice.” Nice? It is crucial!

Director Mueller defended his selection of Bald on the virtually anorexic argument that he had run the Baltimore field office which had a terrorism “program” and had run the DC

Sniper investigation. A program? Many colleges offer terrorism “programs”. Does this qualify graduates to head up a sensitive national security agency or department?

As for running the DC Sniper investigation, I fail to see how this, in any way, qualifies him to conduct counter-terrorism operations. This was one man and a kid. John Allen Muhammad may have been a Muslim, and certainly a murderer, but he was no Sleeper Cell leader, or even a member of one. And he was certainly not planning another 9/11. The only reason the FBI was involved at all is because Muhammad’s killing spree crossed state lines. Nothing in that entire investigation would qualify Mr. Bald to hold this position, or to conduct counter-terrorism oprations.

According to Mueller, “Running the office gave him some exposure to terrorism” and that this would “contribute to his ability to handle counterterrorism.” These statements are ludicrous and cast serious doubts on the FBI’s ability to adequately and effectively protect this country, its citizens, and its interests – at home or abroad. This is not the time for OJT in a critical position like this; especially since Director Mueller’s own comments seem to indicate that Gary Bald would receive little if any direct supervision or training.

The Post article also reported that Director Mueller, and other top officials, stated that it is leadership skill and not subject matter knowledge that is important. This comment seriously damages Director Mueller’s own credibility. In my 20 years in the Navy there were many officers and senior petty officers I could find no respect for, had no confidence in, and some I even held in contempt because they would assign tasks to people that I knew they were totally incapable of carrying out themselves.

When assigned to my first leadership position I made it a point to learn as much as possible about any task that might have to be assigned within my area of responsibility. I followed that philosophy for the next 16 years – until retirement – and in doing so I earned the respect and loyalty of nearly everyone who ever worked for me.

A true leader must instill confidence if he, or she, is to have the whole-hearted support, trust, confidence and respect of those he leads. A leader who has no idea of the challenges his people face, who simply gives orders without any knowledge or understanding of the difficulties that may be faced and no real, practical knowledge of the task itself, is no leader. Some knowledge and experience of the job is integral to good leadership skills. You can not be an effective leader otherwise. How can you be effective if you have no idea of what is involved in the first place?

Equally important is one of the cardinal rules of warfare – know your enemy. How can Mr. Bald hope to conduct effective counterterrorism operations against al-Qaeda and other Islamists when he has no clue about Middle Eastern cultures or history, or of Islam? The answer is – he can not.

I have merely used Messrs. Brown and Bald, and Ms. Miers, as examples to illustrate what I see as a political chess game in Washington at the expense of our national security and which I am certain will exact a very high price in more American lives and property in the future.

For many years I, and others, have recognized the dangers of Islam. Its ultimate, often stated goal is nothing less than complete world domination.

President Bush almost got it right on 06 October, 2005 when he accused Islamic militants of seeking to “enslave whole nations and intimidate the world.” But he, like the politically-correct liberal dupes, still don’t get it. If by Islamic militants Mr. Bush meant those who use guns and bombs, then he is nearly correct – but not quite.

In and of itself Islam is a fascist, militaristic ideology. Anyone who has read the Koran would know this. But the Koran must also be compared with Adolf Hitler’s autobiography – Mein Kampf. The ideology of both are nearly identical – although Islam is far more sinister than Nazism in its methods.

It has also been brought to my attention that there were several people on the White House Homeland Security Advisory Committee at one time who understood this threat. That was nearly a year ago. Today all of those people are gone – reassigned. There is no longer anyone there with any understanding of Islam and the threat it presents to the entire western world. The primary target of this threat is, of course, the United States. No western country will survive long on its own if the United States is destroyed.

No other religion commands its followers to kill non-believers and includes specific instructions to “smite their heads” from their bodies. It also states “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.”

Muslims believe the time is near for a global caliphate, governed by one man to be chosen by Allah, to dominate the world under Islam.

Muslims do not believe in separation of church and state. By its very nature Islam is a politico-religious ideology in which church and state are one and the same and all political decisions are based on the Koran and other Islamic teachings. Under Islam only the Caliph, chosen by Allah, will have the wisdom and the blessings of Allah and the Prophet to make political decisions based on Islamic teachings and Sharia law.

This completely negates democracy in any form because an elected leader can not possibly be appointed by Allah and would make him, at the very least, a pretender or, at worst, an apostate. Under Islamic law the punishment for apostasy is death.

Islam does not recognize democracy by the western definition. It is as alien to Islam as little green men from Mars would be to us. They pay it lip service because the Koran says that lying to a non-believer is not lying at all – merely a means to an end. Islamic democracy means all Muslims are equal under Allah – not the state – except for non-Muslims who are looked upon as second-class citizens and are treated accordingly.

In the Province of Ontario the Muslim community very nearly introduced Sharia law with the help of Ontario’s misguided, liberal Premier – Dalton McGuinty. Although it failed this time, Islam is already changing the west – and our cultures and beliefs – just by its very presence. The march toward the global caliphate is well underway as western governments and liberals hide their heads in the sand of political correctness, or readjust their blinders so they can’t see what they don’t want to see. Our own values, cultures, religious celebrations and customs are being eroded and, in many cases, even being forbidden in the politically correct atmosphere of placating the sensitivities of the followers of Islam whose only goal is our complete and final subjugation, and the total destruction of all those who refuse to submit.

Just look at the stink because an American soldier allegedly kicked a Koran by accident at Gitmo. At least 10 people died in riots and protests around the world. The fact that it never happened, and the story was retracted by both Newsweek and its source, made no difference to Muslims – it simply provided a convenient excuse for further killing and destruction and for even more uninformed, deranged condemnations against the “Great Satan.”

But where are the riots and protests and the liberal talking heads on the banning of the Christian bible in nearly all Middle Eastern countries? Particularly Saudi Arabia where bibles and other non-Islamic religious symbols are not only banned, but the mere possession of them is a criminal offense punishable by death and they are confiscated and destroyed at all points of entry? Non-Islamic religious gatherings in Saudi Arabia are routinely raided and people deported or imprisoned for practicing any religion but the state religion of the extreme Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam. The mere possession of a Christian bible in Saudi Arabia carries the death penalty; though this seems to be reserved for Muslim apostates – like 23-year-old Sadeq Mallallah who was beheaded in public in Saudi Arabia in 1993 on a charge of apostasy because he owned a bible. Even other Muslims are forbidden to worship unless they worship according to the practices of Wahhabism.

Where is the indignant Muslim outrage at this? Is this the “tolerance” they claim is a tenet of Islam? And where are the liberal apologists? They are all conspicuously silent in this matter. It may be just as well; otherwise the brain-dead liberals would find a way to blame America or Israel, or both, for the criminalization of the bible throughout the Middle East.

In the liberal Hollywood backyard is a school that was recently awarded the Blue Ribbon for Excellence by the US Department of Education – The New Horizons School of Pasadena. New Horizons is funded by the Wahhabist Islamic Society of North America; the same extremist sect that is the state religion of Saudi Arabia and from which they receive their funding. The goal of Wahhabi in this country is to turn the United States into an Islamic Wahhabi state.

Islam will settle for nothing less than complete world domination, on its own terms, and will use any and all means available; including every form of deception and violence as permitted, prescribed, and commanded by the Koran.

According to the Koran and the teachings of Mohammed, there are only three choices for non-believers;

Convert or submit completely to Islam. A convert, or those who submit, are second-class citizens and are not entitled to most of the “privileges” of those born into Islam – including equality within Islam,

Slavery. Those who refuse to submit to Islam or be converted can also be sold into slavery, or;

Death. The only other option for those who refuse to convert or submit and are not sold into slavery is death.

When will the government and liberal ostriches wake up to this threat? When 105mm Howitzers are pounding the bejassus out of Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, and other symbols of our national heritage, identity and culture like they did to the Giant Buddhas in Afghanistan five years ago?

The facts are indisputable. Islam declared war on the United States over 200 years ago – long before there were any groups like al-Qaeda, Hamas, Ansar al-Sunnah, etc.

Islam attacked us first. They were called the “Barbary Pirates” and that war was called “The Tripolitan War” (1801-1805).

The Barbary States of Tunis, Morocco, Algeria and Tripoli demanded, and received tribute (a polite term for “protection racket”) from every country whose merchant ships plied the Mediterranean. When the U.S. missed a few payments our ships were hijacked, cargoes confiscated, and the crews held for ransom or sold into slavery.

The attack on the USS Cole in Aden in 2000 was not the first Muslim attack on an American warship. On 31 October, 1803 the frigate USS Philadelphia, under Capt. William Bainbridge, ran aground in Tripoli harbor. Faced with overwhelming odds, Capt. Bainbridge was forced to surrender his ship and his crew of 307 men and officers. They remained captives until 1805.

Islam has been attacking us ever since.

Muslims and their liberal apologists and organizations like the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and others, however, will point continuously to the perceived “injustices” Muslims “suffered” during the Crusades (1095-1291). As if Christian Europe is to blame for all the evils in the Middle East since 1095 when the Christians first “invaded” the Holy Land.

What Muslims and their liberal allies have conveniently chosen to ignore is the fact that Islam attacked the west, and Christianity, first.

Islam, far from peaceably spreading through the world as their propaganda would have us believe, spread violently and brutally. Muslim armies invaded all their neighbors – without mercy. In 732, only 100 years after the death of Mohammed, Islam had conquered Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, North Africa, and all of southern Spain. Its armies destroyed the Persian Empire and invaded what was left of the Christian Byzantine Empire. By 732 a Muslim army, crossing from Morocco, was in France. They had crossed the Pyrenees and were marching on Rome before they were finally stopped at Tours by Charles Martel.

The First Crusade (1095 AD) was more than 350 years after Islam had violently conquered most of the known world; including most of Christian Spain and part of Christian France.

Of course, this minor historical fact is conveniently forgotten by Muslims and their liberal lackeys and front organizations like CAIR, the Islamic Thinkers Society, Islamic Society of North America, and others.

Islam started this war 1,400 years ago and, despite what liberals and Muslims preach, we are engaged in a war of religion and culture in which Islam has learned how to turn our western values of liberalism, tolerance, free speech, freedom of religion and other freedoms against us. They have become especially adept at manipulating the western liberal mainstream media (MSM) into presenting Islam as the victim. But maybe the American public is beginning to wake up and this is one of the reasons so many newspapers are going under, and those that are left are seeing steep declines in readership and subscriptions. Maybe Americans are not quite as gullible as the press seems to think they are.

Does Gary Bald or, for that matter, Director Mueller understand any of this? Or more to the point – have they even heard of any it?

Another concern is our “intelligence” agencies – or rather their incredible lack of it. A recent FOIA request by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) to the CIA for a copy of a compilation of published statements by Osama bin Laden between 1994 and 2004 was rejected by the agency on the grounds that their release would “compromise intelligence sources and methods” under FOIA exemption b (3) and that the information was obtained on a privileged basis, exemption b (4).

This is not only very strange, but very hard to swallow. For one thing, all of these statements were previously published in the media in the Middle East and in western countries. For another, a book is being published soon (if it hasn’t already) by Verso Publishing, edited by Bruce Lawrence, and titled “Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden”. This is a compilation of exactly the same bin Laden statements the CIA says it can not release. FAS did not request the CIA provide them with the sources of this information – just the statements of Bin Laden. Since these have been published many times in many countries, and have already been compiled into a book for mass commercial publication, what is so sensitive? This is just more “classification overkill”.

Iraq is still another concern. The job in Afghanistan was not, and is still not complete.

Right from the beginning the invasion of Iraq was ill-advised. There was no “exit strategy” – not one military or civilian official even brought it up. As the old saying goes – the generals are always fighting the last war. That is truer now than it has ever been. We went into Iraq with the same mentality as in the Gulf War in 1991 thinking we would simply topple Saddam and the Iraqi people would immediately be able to take over the reins of government and all would be well. It became immediately apparent that this was an unattainable goal. Just about everyone with any governmental experience was dead, in prison, or on the run. Those who remained were low-level civil servants who had no authority and many were, themselves, targets of personal vendettas by the relatives of their victims.

Arguably the biggest mistake was the disbanding of the police and the military – removing the only law enforcement in the country and replacing it with coalition troops and “private military companies” (PMC’s) who were completely ignorant of the people, their customs, their culture, and their laws.

Retaining a large part of the police and military would have greatly aided in a smooth transition from coalition control to Iraqi civilian control in a very short time.

There is a precedent for this. After the German surrender in 1945, the Allies put Operation Blowback into operation which involved keeping much of the Wehrmacht and most of the police departments intact. Under Allied control and supervision the Germans continued policing themselves until civil authorities could be elected and security and police control turned back to the German people. This was immensely successful. Why was a similar system not put into operation in Iraq? After all, keeping most of the already trained and qualified army and police under coalition control with a gradual transfer back to the Iraqis makes much more sense than replacing these institutions entirely with foreigners – the vast majority of whom can not even speak the language, let alone have any understanding of the Iraqi culture and customs.

Now we are stuck in a quagmire because of total ignorance of the enemy; and incomplete planning.

The old adage “the right tool for the job” applies equally to people. Mistakes will be made no matter who sits in the chair. But those mistakes will be dramatically reduced if the right person is sitting in that chair.

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