3small25Why Do We Treat Terrorists Like Criminals?


     Gerard P. Keenan

Terrorists are not criminals; so why do we continue treating them as if they are?

Our laws and justice system are designed to fight crime. From the petty criminal to organized crime bosses, they know what to expect if they are caught and brought to trial. Most of them accept this as a cost of doing business.

Terrorists are also familiar with western laws and criminal justice systems, and they know how to use them to their advantage.

In most western countries there is no death penalty. A terrorist may get life, but he knows he will probably be out in a few years on appeal, good conduct, or some other phoney reason.

Terrorists also know how to manipulate our justice systems. The Al-Qaeda training manual contains specific instructions on this; and we see them being carried out

everyday. Detainees claim torture, desecration of the Koran, violations of their civil rights, humiliation, ad infinitum.

Slick defense lawyers then raise ‘reasonable doubt’ and the terrorist ends up back on the streets to kill and maim again. This has already happened with many of those released from Guantanamo Bay.

What also seems to have escaped the attention of the legal system is that a conviction is probably just what the terrorist wants.

These are people who think nothing of blowing themselves up in the hope of taking at least one infidel with them. They seek death and martyrdom. If they are prepared to do this, why would they balk at a couple of years in prison? And why would they actually welcome prison time? The answer is very simple – to recruit and convert the disaffected in our prisons.

Many newspapers have reported on the rise in converts to Islam in U.S. prisons as well as in prisons in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Philippines, and other countries. This does not paint a rosy picture for the future. Converting and recruiting criminals is a first step in the formation of a fifth column and the establishment of sleepers. Once released or paroled, these criminals then seek to convert and recruit others and will use their criminal networks to aid the global Jihad being waged by bin-Laden and his henchmen.

Criminals tend to act in the selfish interests of personal and/or financial gain. Doing time behind bars severely limits this capacity, so they prefer to avoid arrest and trial.

Islamic terrorists, on the other hand, are not out for personal or financial gain. Their loyalty is to their cause. Their goal is the complete destruction of western civilization – especially the United States – and the establishment of a global caliphate based on the Koran and Sharia law. Prison is the perfect environment for conversion and recruitment.

No terrorist has ever shown sincere remorse for his actions, nor have any been “rehabilitated.” Imprisoning these people among common criminals, gang-bangers and members of organized crime families is playing right into their hands. Many of these are hardened criminals with no love or respect for the law and would be only too willing to be recruited – if not actually converted.

Affording terrorists the same rights under the Constitution and laws of this country as Americans is a very big mistake that will come back to bite us in the butt.

Most Islamic terrorists are not US citizens and have no visible means of support. This means that when they come to trial, the American taxpayer foots the bill for their defense. Given bin-Ladin’s and al-Qaeda’s stated goal of undermining and destroying the American economy, the more terrorists brought to trial, the more tax dollars are spent for their defense. This money has to come from somewhere – and that means taxes.

We must pass new laws to deal exclusively with terrorism that should include the death penalty, and no right of appeal for terrorist acts resulting in loss of life.


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